Welcome to the Website of the
Cheboygan County Democratic Party

Please see the Events page for information on upcoming meetings, social/activist, fundraising, and public service events.

As Democrats, we are for ALL of us

We are Democrats for many reasons, but we want to focus on what a Democrat is FOR, not against. It is important to realize that we are FOR:

  • Voting rights for all citizens. Every citizen should have access to the polls.
  • The social safety net, Social Security and Medicare etc. not being privatized.
  • Public schools. Public tax money should be spent to educate our young not create a profit.
  • Unions for workers’ rights. Equal treatment, equal pay (for both men and women) and job protection (this is not a job guarantee).
  • Protecting our environment.
  • A fair tax system.
  • Equal rights for all citizens including the LGBT citizen. Discrimination is wrong.
  • The elimination of fraud, waste and abuse within government.
  • Taking care of our veterans, not the Military Industrial Complex.
  • Using our military for self-defense, not regime change.

There are many other things that we are. We encourage you to consider joining us in our pursuit of fairness, of equality and the protection and growth of the middle class. We are inviting you to join us in the discussions to further these positive ideas. We look forward to meeting you. If you are interested in getting to know us better or need additional info, please contact us or follow us on Facebook.